More than fourteen years ago, Lucy Lancheros, her husband Ricardo and their children went through one of the most difficult situations, she was very ill and about to die. However, the Lord gave him a promise during that time “If you believe you will see my Glory”, and so it was. Lucy recovered and the Lord called her to work full time for those most in need in the city of Bogotá, especially in the mountains sector in the Santa Cecilia neighborhood. Sector where at that time violence, drugs, vandalism and poverty defined it.

“If you believe you will see my Glory”


In this sector Lucy began to share a message of hope with a group of women, where she taught them not only about the Lord, but also began to motivate them to generate their own income through the art of weaving and other crafts. Her passion for this sector grew, her love for children, the compassion that the Lord put in her heart for them and in general for the families of the sector, led her to take on the challenge of starting a foundation . This is how FORMAVIDA was born, a non-profit organization that seeks to generate transformation through different social projects that lead each member of the community to know and develop their skills, but above all to know who has the power to transform the lives.
In 2014, the FORMAVIDA Foundation received the support of INCALINK to start the OASIS Integral Development Center. A project that holistically supports the integral development of boys, girls, adolescents and young people in the sector, together with their families. OASIS began with a group of 20 boys and girls, today 6 years later it serves more than 150 children and young people between the ages of 4 and 18. In the last year, seeing the growing need, Oasis has welcomed more than 20 Venezuelan refugee families living in the sector.

Every child, adolescent and young person who is part of OASIS receives care five days a week. Among the activities carried out with them are: homework counseling, school reinforcement, nutritional support through lunch and / or dinner, talent development, professional psychosocial support, counseling and daily devotional. Accompaniment is also provided to each family. At OASIS we hope to see a transformed generation, therefore, love, respect, tolerance, compassion and the word are the fundamental axis.
In this time of Covid-19 where most of the families in the sector have been affected, losing their source of income, the Oasis team has joined forces to provide families with a weekly market. This has been possible thanks to the support of Incalink and other organizations that have seen the impact of the program in the community, and have decided to contribute financially. We are not only providing a market, the team continues to work hard supporting the children in their tasks and motivating the family unit through different tasks and challenges. We have been able to see that although these are difficult times, the love of the all powerful is still palpable, His Fidelity does not change, and just as one day He promised Lucy “If you believe you will see my glory”, we have seen this promise come true, and we believe that still there is much the Lord wants to do in and through us.

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