Grupo Poblacional: Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes.

(After school program)

Targeted Group: Kids and teenagers (5 to 17 years old)


Objective: To offer a place where kids and teenagers receive a holistic Christian education that includes feeding, tutoring, spiritual development (principles and values), recognizing abilities and talents, giving music lessons and lessons on entrepreneurship.




  1. They come every day (Monday to Friday) and are eat lunch.
  2. Before and After-school program: There are two different groups: morning and afternoon it depends on their schedule at school. Those who have class in the morning will be at Oasis during the afternoon and vice versa. This allows us to take advantage of their free time and help them have a better life.
  3. Tutoring and homework helping.
  4. Identifying and empowering artistic talents and abilities
  5. Daily Devotion
  6. Forming principles and values in their life.
  7. Sports


Today (2018) we have 100 kids attending this program. We have seen their lives changed! Oasis has become a “safe place” for each one of them. A place where they have found LOVE, the love that transforms lives.


Sponsor one of these kids and be a part of their life’s transformation.

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