(Manualidades para la Vida)

Targeted Group: Mothers and Youth


Objective: To offer a training space that allows the adolescents and women to identify, develop, and enhance their skills and talents, encouraging entrepreneurship and comprehensive training.



  • Workshops two days a week with a group of 10 to 15 people.
  • Orientation in the management of materials and tools needed for the making of different artisan products.
  • Monitoring the process of the product.
  • Training in marketing and promotion of the product.
  • Sale and marketing of product.


Each person receives payment for labor. The product is then sold through the Foundation for the purpose of generating sustainability of the project.


It´s important to remember that the fulfillment of our main objective is that part of the time is used to teach the beautiful plan of salvation, through this we have been able to see the work of God in some of the women and youth, who have decided to follow Christ and currently serve Him.






DICOCO (Design, cutting, and sewing)


Targeted Group: Mothers and Youth


Objective: Provide a training place for the mothers to learn how to sew, encouraging entrepreneurship.


Method: To accomplish the objective, this program has three phases.

  1. Initial Phase: Learn how to operate the three sewing machines.
  2. Intermediate Phase: Learn to trace, cut, & sew the garment.
  3. Advanced Phase: To apply the acquired knowledge, through the creation of a micro company that devotes itself to the making of uniforms, sweatshirts and any type of garment that the client needs


Every day women and teens come to participate in this project where they learn to trace, cut, & sew. The majority are in the Intermediate Phase learning and working hard to advance their skills.

Through this project the participants have been able to not only acquire the knowledge of sewing, but also have been able to learn how valuable each of them is to God.

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